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This is How It Works

MicroSourcing offers a unique hybrid outsourcing solution which gives our clients full control over the way they run their operations in the Philippines while leveraging the assets, resources and expertise of a strong local partner. This is how it works:
MicroSourcing will provide your company with everything you need in the Philippines to operate successful operations:
People We will help recruit the best talent for your Philippine operations. You get to handpick your staff and they will work exclusively for your company.
Assets We will provide all the assets in the Philippines including the office space, IT assets and networking infrastructure.
Support We will provide all the support services in the Philippines including staff recruitment, human resources management, payroll and financial services, technical support and facilities management.
Advisory We will advise you on every aspect of your Philippine operations including staffing, performance management, technology, process optimization, compliance, risk management and best practices.
Operations Management Your operations management team will work together and be fully supported by our account management team. You can fully customize the way daily operations are managed.

We can support your entire business

Instead of outsourcing different functions to different providers, we enable UK businesses to establish a central offshore shared
services centre that supports the entire operation.

Knowledge Service

  • Medical Coding
  • Aerial Measurement
  • Imagery Processing
  • Debt Collection
  • Claims Settlement
  • Finance & Account

Business Support

  • Customer Support
  • Data Processing
  • Administrative Work

Creative & Online

  • Creative Design
  • Online Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Copywriting
  • Web Development
  • Software Development

Rethink your Offshoring and
Right-shoring Strategy

Companies often struggle with the choice to either offshore outsource their work or to just do it all by themselves and
establish their own offshore subsidiary. We offer a really nice hybrid solution that will enable UK businesses to change the way they
manage their offshore operations.
Start-up costs Low   None   High
Long Term costs High   Low   Medium
Philippine Expertise High   High   Low
Process Expertise High   Varies   Varies
Operational Flexibility High   High   Low
Operational Control Low   High   High
Client Resistance High   Medium   Medium
Employee Resistance High   Medium   Medium
Start-up costs Low
Long Term costs High
Philippine Expertise High
Process Expertise High
Operational Flexibility High
Operational Control Low
Client Resistance High
Employee Resistance High
Start-up costs None
Long Term costs Low
Philippine Expertise High
Process Expertise Varies
Operational Flexibility High
Operational Control High
Client Resistance Medium
Employee Resistance Medium
Start-up costs High
Long Term costs Medium
Philippine Expertise Low
Process Expertise Varies
Operational Flexibility Low
Operational Control High
Client Resistance Medium
Employee Resistance Medium

Talk to an Expert

Our senior executives have decades of experience in the offshore outsourcing industry. Let us talk to you
about your company and the opportunities you may have to either start offshoring for the first time or
how best to restructure your current outsourcing arrangements.
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